Mike Wieners

Analytical problem-solver with a diverse skill set
Crafting software solutions that add measurable value to users' lives



Over the past three years, I have participated in all facets of delivering a proprietary data aggregation platform and supporting services for marketers. During that time, I have participated in all stages of the application lifecycle. This includes leading user story mapping sessions, designing user flows and user interfaces, writing technical requirements, consulting with developers on specific user needs, participating in logical design, and maintaining production code. Recently, I have been consulting with our development team on a QA environment and regression testing requirements to ensure adequate coverage.

In addition to these things, I provide consulting services to clients. During the onboarding process, I learn about their data inputs, existing processes, and reporting needs then use that information to help them get their data flows set up on our platform. During that process, I teach them how to create their own designs and communicate them with our support team. I also consult with clients on process with a focus on requirements gathering and writing. Nearly all of our clients are also using Tableau for the first time and I provide an education on fundamentals of using that tool, as well.

Challenge = Opportunity

I am most engaged with my work when it challenges me to stretch beyond my existing skills and knowledge. I also have a track-record of learning new technologies very quickly. In July of 2013, I took a position that required me to learn a number of new technologies By February of 2014, I was a senior member of the analytics team developing reporting in Tableau Desktop and the resident subject matter expert on the capabilities of the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. At that time, our primary database developer left and by mid-summer, I was the primary developer on our clients’ reporting databases which support the reporting and analytics services we offer our customers. In October of 2014 (fifteen months after I started), I began managing a team of Tableau and database developers.

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